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ZooGrab Credits

Cost $1 each,
Paid Credits Never Expire

Paid Credits work
On both
Gold & Platinum

$0.50 Auction Price
Reduction Value

Select Credit

5 credits
10 credits
25 credits
50 credits
$42.50 (15% Off)
100 credits
$80 (20% Off)
300 credits
$225 (25% Off)

ZooGrab Credits


Credits are used to drive down the price of ZooGrab's featured auctions. Each time a Credit is played, it lowers the price of an auction by $0.50. Credits can be purchased individually for $1.00 a piece or in discounted bundles. Purchased Credits do not have an expiration date. If you find yourself running low on credits, ZooGrab offers a variety of credit packages that can be purchased instantly now or follow ZooGrab on social media to receive promo codes for FREE credits.

Promotional Credits

ZooGrab Promotional credits are earned by member/consumers by simply joining and or by participating on the site in a variety of ways (See how to earn free credits). Like a purchased credits, they have a face value of $1.00 each and when used on the Auction Platform drop the price of the item being bid on by $0.50. ZooGrab Promotional Credits CANNOT drive down the price below the auction reserve price. ZooGrab Promotional Credits have an expiration date of 14 days from day earned. So members must use ZooGrab Promotional Credits in a timely manner. ZooGrab Promotional Credits are designed and distributed to keep member/consumers returning to the site, while frequently using the FREE ZooGrab Promotional credits EARNED to drive down the price of the auctions. Promotional credits do not work on Platinum Auctions.